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Caring for Cork Products

Do you have a cork product and you would like to know quick ways how to keep your product clean so it will last even longer? Cork requires some regular maintenance care and in this blog we will discuss some tips on how to clean your cork fashion accessory.

Cleaning and Dust Removal

  •  To remove dust from your cork handbag, cork wallet or other kind of cork fashion accessory you will need warm water, a soft brush and soap or neutral detergent.
  • Firstly, spread a little neutral detergent mixed with warm water (not hot water) over the product, then pass the soft brush gently, so you do not damage your cork product. When finished, wash it with cold water so that the dirt and all the soap is removed.
  • In case dirt didn't come out with the basic cleaning and you want to remove stains, try to erase scratches and stains with the help of a white school eraser.
  • Alternatively, you can also remove stubborn stains with make-up towels and wipes for cleaning.

Disinfecting your Cork mask

During this pandemic period due to COVID-19, disinfecting is very important.

  • If you are just looking for ways to clean your cork mask, you can use a wiper with some drops of an alcoholic solution of no less than 70% alcohol and then gently clean the surface of your cork mask.
  • Finally, most importantly cork is a natural product and hence it does not support high temperature. Exposing our material to high temperatures can easily damage its properties.
  • Do not use washing machine to wash your cork products unless you select low temperature and slow centrifugation speed.

Cork maintenance isn’t something you should be afraid of, with just a bit of patience you can always keep it beautiful and looking new.