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Cork - The Fun Material

It's the closure used in your favourite bottle of wine. Cork created the possibility of ‘Aging of wine’. You must be knowing wine tastes better with age, so the next time you buy an expensive bottle of wine you know the story behind it. 😉

Historically natural cork closures appeared about 250 years ago, displacing the oiled rags and wooden plugs that had previously been used to seal bottles. Cork has been used for different purposes by mankind since so many years.

With other options available, however, the only closure with an adequately long track record is natural cork. These closures allow the micro-oxygenation of wine and can provide a special taste. Due to its centuries-old tradition and its connection to the natural environment provide an optimal solution.

It’s produced from the bark of the tree, and harvested every seven years throughout the life of a cork oak tree, Quercus suber. The cork cylinder is cut from the outside to the inside of the bark.

Harvesting of cork is environmental friendly and is an ethical material for fashion.