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Cruelty-free Leather

We see the horrific images posted by PETA about the exploitation of animals just to give us our original beautiful leather bag. Animal leather not only exploits and kills hundreds of animals, the leather industry is one of the most polluting industries causing air pollution and solid wastes creating severe impacts on the environment.

We should ask ourselves is it really necessary to be cruel and pollute nature for that expensive beautiful bag?

Fashion can be responsible and it is for us to change by taking small steps and promoting natural alternatives causing no harm to the environment and the animal kingdom.

There are many eco-friendly leather alternatives like Pinatex which comes from pineapple, Leaf leather, MuSkin made from mushrooms, Coconut leather, Apple leather and Cork.

Why Cork is the best alternative for cruelty free leather?

Cork is quirky, sturdy and waterproof leather alternative. Cork has recently skyrocketed in popularity as a forward-thinking fashion material. Unlike animal leather cork is naturally water resistant, renewable and completely recyclable, it is durable, light, and easy to keep looking good as new.

Cork is a natural fiber that comes from cork oak trees. With a lifespan of around 300 years, cork oak trees are harvested for their bark each decade, but the trees continue to live and grow, going on to produce more cork!

By wearing cork, you are helping to prevent the desertification of cork oak forests, which numerous endangered species call home.

With your choice of fashion you get a better alternative for leather and save so many animal species.

The products by Cork Element are renewable, eco-friendly, water resistant and beautifully designed for the fashion conscious individual. Make a sustainable choice and shop eco-friendly products.