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Cruelty-free Leather

What is cruelty free leather

We see the horrific images posted by PETA about the exploitation of animals just to give us our original leather bag. Animal leather not only exploits and kills hundreds of animals per day, as the leather industry is one of the most polluting industries causing air pollution and solid wastes creating severe impacts on the environment. There are plenty of cruelty free leather alternatives! We should ask ourselves if it is really necessary to be cruel and pollute nature for that fast fashion bag while there are great and affordable vegan options for your handbags with great designs considered by many as the best vegan fashion products

What are the best vegan fashion substitutes to leather products?

Fashion can be responsible for us to change by taking small steps and promoting natural alternatives causing no harm to the environment and the animal kingdom picking best vegan fashion products. There are many eco-friendly, cruelty free leather and affordable vegan alternatives like Pinatex, Leaf leather, MuSkin, Coconut leather, Apple leather and Cork.

  • Pinatex is made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves and petroleum-based resin. This industry utilizes pineapple leaves waste which otherwise would be likely left to rot or burn. Pinatex is produced with several finishes, colours and textures being used mainly for bags, shoes, wallets among other fashion accessories. Pinatex is however not biodegradable like other natural materials.
  • Leaf leather is another leather alternative made from a variety of plant tree leaves. Leaf leather production process starts by collecting fallen leaves which are soaked in water, dyed, then dryed and finally mended with cotton fabric. 
  • MuSkin comes from the mushroom-skin. The process of MuSkin production is  similar to animal leathers production however the tanning does not use toxic chemicals. The mushrooms root is harvested, cleaned, coloured and lastly pressed to sheets. MuSkin is used for shoes, bags and other similar fashion accessories.
  • Coconut leather is produced using the coconut residual water left paired with a bacteria which will later result in a jelly called bacterial cellulose or Malai. Coconut leather is organic and natural, being also vegan and biodegradable material.
  • Apple leather is made reusing the apple leftover from the compote and juice industry. After reducing leftovers to powder and combine it with polyurethane the result is apple leather. This soft fabric apple leather is mainly used for small hardware accessories.

Why is Cork an alternative material for the best vegan fashion products?

This cruelty free leather comes from the cork tree skin. The process of removing and transforming the material into your affordable vegan handbag is very natural and it does not damage or negatively affect the tree. In fact it even affects it positively. Cork has recently skyrocketed in popularity as an affordable vegan fashion material. Unlike animal leather the main cork properties can be considered as its natural source, water resistant, durable, light, antistatic and anti-allergic and easy to keep looking good as new.

In your hand is the possibility to choose the best vegan fashion accessories avoiding leather materials and saving so many animal species.

At Cork Element we work every day to offer you the best vegan fashion products. Cork is renewable, eco-friendly and cruelty free leather. Beautifully designed for the fashion conscious individual. Make a sustainable choice and shop eco-friendly products. In our collections we have affordable vegan handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, among other fashion handmade accessories.