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Designed with Love

Our designs are a fusión of elegance with style. Featuring on-trend colors balanced with the countriside palate.

Cork Element products trascend the seasons through timeless collections that are both refined and vanguardist. Uniquely designed by Cork Element and handmade manufactured in small quantities, truly feel like one-of-a-kind-pieces.


Locally sourced manufacturing components from start to finish. Enabling and transparent supply chain.

Using Premium cork that has been harvested at the age of 45 years will porvide our products the durability of wear and tear, as well being sustainable, soft, supple and naturally water repellent.Our products are 99% cork, the remain 1% are accesories. The products do not contain any PVC derived materials, and all dyes used are natural plant/flower based tihs ensures and essence of Cork`s natural DNA.


All Cork Element products are handcraft by skilled artisans. Small and limited production runs ensure ítems echieve our exceptional quality standards.

Craftsmanship and traditions are the cornerstone of the Cork Element Brand and we ensure every piece remain a staple in a wardrobe for incomming years.

Ethical view

The cork industry guarantee life for many and we want these family owned businesses continue to thrive for generations to come.

Our artisans ensure the adhered to regulations issued by government entities.

Together with cork being a sustainable resource - Cork Element is proud to help contribute to the growth of the local cork communities and economy.