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Reduce Environmental Impact of your Closet

We love to buy online for ourselves or as gifts for our loved ones but do we know what impact this causes to our environment? How do we reduce our impact through our small purchases?

Why you should buy your next fashion item from a sustainable/eco brand?


Every garment you wear uses resources for it’s production and then additional resources are used to transport to your home, creating environmental impact. Our massive consumerism is damaging our planet. Buying less and more sustainable is a wise decision with a huge impact on our footprint reduction.


Nowadays, fashion brands are being forced by customers to think about the environmental and social impact of their production. Sustainable brands take care of the ecosystem and the people while producing a product making you a responsible buyer. One purchase from a sustainable brand can make a positive impact on our planet.

It is a misconception to think that sustainable brands cost way more. Most sustainable brands are small and building their businesses hence they ask for a fair price from their customers.


Since clothes have become so cheap, we are caring less about quality. We just buy new garments when the ones we have lose their appeal. Sustainable brands hugely emphasize on their quality because they are one of a kind and not mass produced. They take longer to make using better raw materials and a fair process of production. Buying from such eco brands you are helping everyone in the business to have economic growth.

It’s important for us as consumers to understand who are the people behind our fashion items, what are the materials being used. This helps us to be responsible consumeres and make a small impact to the environment. It’s important to remember numerous small impacts make a great impact. Let’s do our bit and purchase responsibly.