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No one is fond of a pickpocket, but the issue is we are taking so much from the earth without even realizing. It’s time we think about the earth and give up exploiting nature.
Keep your cash handy and green by purchasing a sustainable wallet. Animal leather and plant based synthetics contains toxins compared to natural alternatives. Eco friendly wallet materials can be sustainable, vegan, recycled leather.

Cork Element focuses on being a premium cork bag company producing vegan and sustainable fashion. We have a huge range of fashion accessories ranging from cork wallets to handbags to cross body bags and home accessories. All our products are produced from the cork oak tree helping millions of animals in the Mediterranean sea. Cork is mainly produced around Portugal along with parts of Spain and Italy. Cork bag companies are on a rise since fashion designers and manufacturer have understood the amazing properties and how it can benefit us.

So, why cork wallets or purses?

Cork is a perfect material for wallets because it has many properties like a full grain leather. Cork is water resistant just like leather, which means your cards and cash will be protected from a rainy or snowy day. Since leather and cork are both natural and organic materials  each cork wallet is unique just like each full grain leather.By purchasing our cork wallet, you will know that the material and texture of the wallet is so beautiful and one of a kind.  As a cork bag company we are extremely proud of our quality of craftsmanship with our products. All our products are locally made by Portuguese artisans.
Unlike full grain leather, cork is a thin and extremely light material. Leather can get bulky at times and we know the struggle, the cork texture is minimal along with our designs making it perfect for the chic look. Aside of being a good alternative for leather, cork is a significantly better in terms of elasticity compared to full grain leather. The cork wallet can hold several cards because of this reason. You might think cork is not as durable as leather since the commonly used cork boards always chip or crack but the cork boards are made with cork shavings whereas the cork wallet is made of a natural sheet. A cork wallet can also withstand temperature and pressure changes without it suffering any kind of distortion.  

With it’s unique characteristics it’s important for an ethical buyer to have a look at other materials than leather for the sake of the animal kingdom and the planet.

By buying a cork wallet from us you are helping the forests of Portugal stay greener. I am sure we have convinced you try the wallet from our cork bag company! All our designs are functional and stylish making you a fashionable and responsible buyer.

Make the purchase for a good cause!