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7 sustainable travel tips

For worst reasons travel and fashion are related as they are some of the industries causing the most pollution. You can check how fashion pollution is harming our planet in our previous post. Sustainable travel aims to reduce tourism impacts by promoting trips without changing cultural environments and harming nature. There are easy tips you can follow to achieve this goal.

Travel Locally

Did you know that travelling locally you can save up to 50% carbon emissions of your travel? Choose to travel by train, bus or as a group in a car. These are ways of saving money and also moving to a more sustainable travel. Further than that when you travel locally you are stimulating your local economy. If you travel by plane, always consider buying carbon offset or choose airline companies who take measures to replace the CO2 released by their planes for example by planting trees.


Shop Sustainable

Fashion pollution is something to consider when you are shopping. Slow fashion movement is gaining supporters as humanity is moving for a more sustainable world. Buy more from stores that care about fashion pollution and have sustainable practices. For example if you are travelling to Portugal buy a cork wallet. Cork wallet as all cork products are made of sustainable material, a great alternative to leather. Also do not forget to always buy goods with no packaging or an eco-friendly one. 

Travel Paperless

Avoid printing boarding passes, travel guides, hotel reservations, maps, avoid getting museum brochures, paper tickets and paper receipts. Nowadays you can get all this information by reading a QR code with your phone. In the technology age, our smartphone is always with us, pull all needed information on your phone instead. 


Save Energy

Save electricity during your stay away as you would save when at home. Regardless if you are not paying extra for electricity when on holidays, you can still save some carbon emissions. Reduce the consumption of AC and lights when you are in the hotel room and always turn all equipments off if you are leaving your accommodation.

Save Water

Did you know that a towel on the floor means “I want it to be changed” while leaving a towel hanged means “I’ll still reuse it”? Tons of liters of water are spent every single day to wash countless towels which were used once or not even used. If you are staying more than just one night in the same hotel, just hang your towel after using it as there is no need to wash it every day.

Shop Local

Do you plan to take home some souvenirs from your trip? Help the local economy by supporting local business and buying local handcraft products. Buying souvenirs coming from massive production and transported from far away is promoting fashion and souvenirs industry pollution. Aim to buy souvenirs you may use later on as a leaf leather bag, a bamboo toothbrush or a cork wallet.

Eat Local and Seasonal

We can’t avoid talking about sustainable travel without considering what to eat as animal creation is one of the largest contributors to global emissions. In addition to eating plant-based, eating local and seasonal is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Local produce doesn’t have to fly to get to you. Seasonal produce doesn’t eat up resources in a greenhouse.

Always remember when visiting Portugal cork products are the best souvenirs 

In the end of the day having a more sustainable travel is easy. Let's join and fight travel and fashion pollution. Always remember as consumers, we have the power to change the world by wisely decide what we buy.