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Discover Cork

Cork material comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, Quercus suber. The process of harvesting the trees is a manual job where the workers carefully remove the cork with tools.  The bark of a cork oak tree is removed every 9 years helping the tree to grow and live longer. As the cork tree continues to mature and goes through the harvest process (stripping), the tree absorbs more carbon dioxide to support its bark regeneration.  As a result, the harvested trees will retain more carbon dioxide than those left untouched, providing cleaner air for everyone.

Cork is worldwide known for being used as wine bottles closure. Historically, natural cork closures appeared about 250 years ago displacing the oiled rags and wooden plugs. Cork has been used for different purposes by mankind since so many years. Recently, Cork skyrocketed in popularity as a forward-thinking fashion material, it is used mostly as fashion accessories like bags, purses, notebooks, shoes etc. 

The products by Cork Element are renewable, eco-friendly, water resistant and beautifully designed for the fashion-conscious individual. By wearing cork, you are helping to prevent the desertification of cork oak forests, which numerous endangered species call home. With your choice of fashion you get a better alternative for leather and save so many animal species. Make a sustainable choice and shop eco-friendly products.